Naia 3 offers overnight parking for the Constant traveler

Naia 3 offers overnight parking for the Constant traveller.

Ever wished you could just leave you car for a couple of nights while your on a business trip and would also want to have the ease of driving back home? Currently not well known is the fact that you can leave you car overnight at the parking lots fronting Naia airports.

It was before that Park and fly was your only option when parking your car at the airport.  with horror stories of they having you asked to leave the keys and your car being driven without your knowledge. it was a discomforting thought to paying that much money and still feeling unsafe.

I had the opportunity to test this alternative park and fly out in the new Naia 3
Flying via cebu pacific domestic in the Naia 3 we just went ahead and parked our car on the open parking lot directly in front of the airport. There is a marked location for overnight cars. The security guard took our details phone number and flight destination. And as painless as it seamed, off we went to cebu. 

A little more about the new Naia 3

Seated on a 63.5-hectare of Villamor Air Base, the terminal is the largest and most advanced airport in the country, capable of servicing 33,000 passengers daily at peak or 6,000 passengers per hour. The airport building has a floor area of 182,500 square meters spanning to a length of 1.2 kilometers. It has a 4-level shopping mall that connects the terminal and parking buildings. The parking building has a
capacity of 2,000 cars while the outdoor parking area has a capacity of 1,200 cars.

The opening of the airport will help solve the problem of old and crowded airports by accommodating the growing number of air traffic passengers to and from Manila. It can be recalled that the NAIA-3 project was awarded by the government to PIATCO in 1996, construction started in 1997. The 2002 opening was delayed after President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared that the government would not honor its contract with PIATCO after allegedly having been anomalous in certain important aspects.

The Supreme Court ruled in the government’s favor but said the projects proponents have to be compensated. As negotiations dragged on, the government took over NAIA-3 in December 2004.

Park n Fly – 300++ pesos per night with 10% discount if parking there for more than 3 nights; covered multi-level parking; stickers placed on compartments and removable car items; free shuttle service to and from Domestic or International airports.

Telephone number +632-852-1946. additional source:


  1. teadulo malangen says:

    how much the the parking within 3 night?cani bring the key after we park of that car?

  2. It doesn’t state the cost. Any airport is going to let you park and leave your car but it always comes in at a cost, often high.

  3. I just wanna ask how much rate if were going to park for 3 night. and what are the requirements and rules for the said parking. thanks

  4. How much will it cost for 2 nights? Do we need to surrender the car key to the parking administration? Is it safe and will the parking area be guarded 24hours? Thanks.

  5. Info/blog is incomplete.

  6. Praised God! Are you sure our car is 100% safe in your Ph50 /night parking? Thanks

  7. Is it true Php 50/overnight parking???..We are going to park the car for 3 days…Please feedback asap.. thank you!

  8. is there a covered parking area? how much?

  9. we are planning to travel to cebu or bohol,,,,can we park our car for 6 days in overnight parking area ?……how much i spend for the whole 6 days……/;

  10. Manny A. Alcala says:

    Hi, Im going to Cebu Jan 13, and back by Jan. 17. How much will it cost me including
    the daytime rate. Pls. reply, thanks.

  11. would like to know if how much will it cost for 3 days parking as me and my kids have a trip ..

  12. Rey Matias says:

    Parking is fully occupied with people working in Manila not with people who are traviling. please add this problem. thank you

  13. Willy De Ryck says:

    How much is the rate for 5 days parking ? The key of the car stays with us ? Can we be sure that the parking is not fully occupied ? Do we have to make reservation ?

  14. How much is the rate for 3 nights parking? Pls,reply asap..tnx..

  15. we experienced to try d parkign really its 50pesos per day………we went to BORA for 4days….wen we come back….r car is safe & same as we left 4days ago………
    I dont knw if its possible if wer abt to travel international?

  16. Snowy Dreams says:

    We parked our car for our Singapore trip. Lucky since d sya na-flood due to ondoy unlike kung nasa house namin nakapark…

  17. jojo vite says:

    tom. july 24 i will be leaving to cebu, still available pa ba ang overnite parking sa terminal 3

  18. christopher catindig says:

    kano po bayad ng parking pag 3days and 3 nights?

  19. Analyn Cruz says:

    we want to park for 3 nights, flying out with cebu pacific going to much it will costs?

  20. aila alcontin says:

    hi! can you pls give us an updated overnight parking fee at naia 3 term? or who can we contact abt this? thanks.

  21. Hi, I want to park at covered parking area, How much per night?


  22. I am planning to avail your overnight parking for 6 days when we fly to Singapore. Can I have your current telephone no. so that I can ask the details?

  23. Can I make parking reservations on April 5 to April 8, 2012? Or can I have your number to ask for more details?

  24. How much it will cost if I’ll park my car for 3 days and 2 nights. I am going for a pleasure trip locally.

  25. My husband left for Palawan and before he comes back, i’m leaving for Vietnam, 2 days early. he wants me to leave the car and the keys to surrender them so when he gets back, he can drive hom and fetch me when i come back a few days later. is it possible to leave the car keys at least in a secure place or something?

  26. Hi all,

    I just parked at NAIA T3 for more than 2 weeks. I parked near the entrance and they gave me a NAIA security stub, not the over night parking ticket posted above.
    My alarm system is a little too sensitive so left it on silent mode. Then i flew away.

    After more than 2 weeks vacation ,my car is still pretty much in good shape few leaves and dust all over, but thats ok. I have no problem with the battery, 1 click start parin.

    I got surprised when the guard asked me for 500 pesos. sabi nya mahal daw doon sa exit gate. I got tempted so i gave him 500, then he guided me as i go reverse to exit at the entrance gate. I saved a few hundred bills and now i feel guilty about it.

    May bagong modos yung mga guard sa NAIA T3. nang hihingi sila ng lagay para maibulsa nila yung bayad na dapat funding para sa pag papaganda ng NAIA T3.

    all in all, the area is very safe. just bring your car cover to protect your precious investment against elements.and please pay the correct amount at the correct gate.

    the only down side is the corrupt security guards.

  27. Val Domingo,

    Thats not posible

  28. sir /mam can i get the contact number of the parking lot which 50 pernight ?

  29. mam can i get the contact number for park and fly…..

  30. How much per night? and we need to surrender our car key??

  31. well, beautifull place to live.

  32. Marlene Magracia says:

    We are going to Singapore this coming Aug. for 9 days, we will bring the car cover,how can u assure us that the car is safe,?

  33. eric lucas says:

    how much now are the parking rates & is it still in operation? i have flight at 7am and would be in Cebu for 3 days.

  34. mam / sir they said if i gonna travel going to singgapore as a torist they have a parking fee that i have to pay how much it is thank u pls reply

  35. jerry berniza says:

    may parking ba para sa mga motor sa naia 3

  36. Melvy Quitlong says:

    How much is the rate and hpw safe?

  37. Anonymous says:

    how much per nigth what is the requirements can i bring my key after park my car?

  38. nice place.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you can leave your keys.

  40. For all who wants to park at naia TERMINAL 3, BEWARE THAT PARKING FEE IS NOW 300 PESOS OVERNIGHT….malls is around 160/night. naia 3 is no cover with over to rain or shine….

  41. So this 2014, is the P300/night is still sulit or park n fly? How convenient in T2? Is it still jampacked because of the Christmas holiday? Appreciate your recommendations.

  42. flat rate for 300 pesos per day

  43. Is it true that the naia 3 opened a new overnyt parking area which is covered just right besides its terminal?

  44. Anonymous says:

    the new parking area is not for overnight parking…

  45. open parking area is lower in park fee that is located at the left when getting inside NAIA 3. . .Way back 5 years ago, the park fee is 50 pesos only for overnight.

  46. How much is the cost if I”ll live my car for 5 nights for a trip to hongkong? In terminal 3 covered parking?

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