How to Find Out What People Search For

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Most of the time people look for information on the internet. Anyone who requires to find any data, specifications, options or general information just logs onto the internet and searches for products, information or choices. The internet is a virtual package of any and all information. People access this information in different fashions and ways. Since all this information gathering happens in real time and requires virtual visit by people to internet sites, this traffic becomes a great source of revenue generation. Therefore, this is an avenue that needs exploitation and building up.

The number of people who take recourse to the internet to search for solutions and answers to questions is continuing to increase. This is the most favored mode of information and answers since it is easily accessible and proves to be a one stop shop for all content.

The information regarding what and how people search for a product allows a developer to understand the psyche of the people and to learn what they require and what they want. Knowing that, and knowing the top few phrases the people type into search engines, can tell a product developer a great deal about what people are interested in. This assists them in focusing their development efforts to meet the demand and requirement of people.

Tracking Sites

Some sites track the phrases people type into search engines to look for different products. These sites are very helpful for developers to know the mind of the people. Some of these sites that track the top and current phrases entered into the leading search engines are:

· Google Zeitgeist – This site provides a tabulated summary and analysis of search terms that are used by people on a weekly basis. Thus, the analysis is changing and dynamic to provide current choice of the consumers.

· Yahoo Buzz – This site offers a tabulated summary and analysis of the top twenty words or phrases used by people on Yahoo alone.

· Top Search Phrases – This site also provides a list of phrases that have been searched by people. The update rate is not as frequent as other sites

· Ask Jeeves – This is an ultra dynamic site that continues to update every 30 seconds and thus provides a true representation of choice. However, since the updating is so frequent, detailed analysis is required to establish trends.

· Word Tracker – This site provides a scrolling ticker hat tracks live search results. Once again, while the updating is very frequent, analysis on trends gets compromised unless you undertake analysis yourself.

How to use search data to create a product

Almost everyone turns towards the internet to look for answers to all questions, queries and doubts. Whatever the search may be towards, the intention is to find out the most and the convenient source that provides required information and more is the internet.

The phrases and words that people use or enter into a search engine give a great indication of the common terms and words being used by everyone. In addition, it also gives a accurate indication of things in vogue and the current interests of most people. These are used as invaluable inputs by designers and producers to manufacture and conceive products such as books, videos, CD ROMs, workshops, software, information products, etc. that are a true representation of the choice of everyone or at least the popular choice.

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