Free food from mister donut

     It was a normal bird chirping morning as I went to buy some food for the family at Mister Donut.  After ordering and paying for my take out, I noticed a sign beside the cash register which read, "If we don't issue a receipt, your meal is on us".

     I never liked this ubiquitous notice because establishments with signs like that were obviously trying to convey the message of compliance to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) but never really explain the exact details as to  how a customer is considered to be "unissued a receipt".  Do we wait 5 minutes upon consummation of the deal? Do we wait for the customer to walk out the door? Or must the customer reach home first to be considered "unissued a receipt"?

    Well, you know where this article is headed.  As the waiter/clerk/crew handed me my change and went off to pack my take away, he forgot to give me my receipt! I waited for him to hand me the food and as he began serving the customer next in line, ….

d (me, dragon): "excuse me, how do I claim my free meal on you?"

mr. d (mister donut guy/s there were 2 of them now) : "why, sir?"

d : "because the sign says . . . . . (i read the sign out loud)… and you did not issue me a receipt!"

mr. d : tears out the receipt from the printer and hands it out to me. "pasensya na po, sir".

Exactly the cop out reaction I was expecting from such an open ended sign notice! I decided to play out the situation to see just how far it would take me.  I've got time to kill before the office bell rang.

d : declining the receipt, I asked him, "so pano mabibigyan ng "meal is on us" if pag inform sa inyo ng customer, eh bibigay ninyo lang iyong resibo?" which is really the original point of contention because the sign's silly logic.

At this short span of only about 30 seconds worth of conversatio, the lady jogger next in line remarks, "kunin mo na iyong resibo para tapos na".

d:  motioning to mr. d crew, "please serve the lady first, di pa tayo tapos eh."

At this poing, Mr. D crew realized I won't be brushed aside so easily and decided to give in to what the sign said, and reimburse my purchase!

To all customer care personnel out there of any establishments, the next time a customer claims his entitlement due to the same scenario of no receipt given, you should instruct your crew to simply reimburse the purchased amount because haggling and making excuse not to is just so shameful!  Establishments that want to avoid such technicalities could explicitly state their terms in the details in their signs, like "….if no receipt is given to you after x minutes when you already receive your change and order, your meal is on us"


  1. what donuts for family? i didn’t get any donuts today…

  2. errr. for the other family!

  3. mcgradyfan says:

    Taray king!! Hehe. If you frequent some Robinsons Malls (specifically Ermita), the parking attendant girl ALWAYS doesnt give receipts. I always have to ask for it. Grrrr!!!

  4. eh di get something free from her as well

  5. phisixninja says:

    bos d. … kung girl yung mister donut crew and cute … id just make a bargain .. instead of a free meal … id just set a date with her … sya may free meal on me … and … uhmmm … unsolicited advice … never admit anything to wifey … always remember the 11th and 12th commandment …

    tmac … akala ko di ka na coding? ano pina-park mo?

  6. phisix ninja.. whats the 11th and 12th?

  7. phisixninja says:

    uhhmm … mrs. d …

    11th commandment … thou shall not get caught
    12th commandment … if caught … thou shalt not admit to anything

  8. p6ninja… thanks, now i know why he keeps denying… joke lang!!!

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