National Heroes Day Holiday (August 25, 2008) Pay Guidelines

Excerpt from Manila Bulletin Online:

Workers are entitled to get extra pay when they report for duty today, a regular holiday in commemoration of National Heroes' Day, the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) said yesterday.

DoLE issued the advisory to inform both workers and their employers about the pay rules that should apply on this day. "Workers should be paid 100 percent of their regular salary for that day if it is the workers’ regular workday and the day is unworked," Labor and Employment Secretary Marianito Roque said.

Following DoLE’s pay rules on special holidays, employees who will report for work would get 200 percent of their daily rate and 30 percent more of their hourly rate beyond eight working hours.

The DoLE said those who would work on their day off would get 100 percent of their daily pay and are entitled to 30 percent more of their hourly rate for every hour they worked overtime. 

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