Facebook Packrat Cheat auto clicker

I don't know why my wife and her mom are soooo addicted to Packrat, the facebook application.  The game works in such a way that you are presented with a few cards. You can then view your friends' deck of cards, these are your friends who've installed the packrat application. As a supplement to those having few or no friends with this application, there are resident computer "rats" you can steal cards from.

The objective is to steal cards from these rats and/or friends.  Additional perks is to collect special cards or credits that pop up in friends' pages every now and then.  Other "cool" features are you can merge cards to create special cards, the combinations for which are found in packratwiki.  I don't know how one could come up with the combinations on their own without that website.   Other features include being able to buy needed cards in a "markeplace".

Well, cool nerds have developed a way to help packrat addicts like my wife, in auto clicking and accumulating credits and cards.  Believe me, I've seen my wife "working hard burning the midnight oil" clicking her way through friends' packs and she needs this!

Karwasz.org developed the script you could install only on Mozilla Firefox. 

The first step would be to install (GreaseMonkey)  You have just to follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you use Firefox as your browser. If you don’t have it yet you can dowload it here.
  2. Install the GreaseMonkey Firefox add-on.
  3. Click on the link of the user script. A confirmation dialog for the installation should pop-up. Press the ‘Install’ button and you are done.
  4. Then, go back to Karwasz.org and install their packrat helper.  Check for the most recent version as the author makes changes from time to time for updates. Once you've installed the script, it will automatically inform you when a new version is out.

Now close Firefox and you will see a cute monkey icon on the bottom righthand corner of your browser when you reopen it.  You can then adjust preferences from there!

Hopefully, the tiresome part of scrounging for credits and cards would be much eliminated and this unproductive "game" would  make time for more facebook Texas hold 'em poker!



  1. do i have to flip the cards still or does it do that too?

  2. nothing happens did i do it incorrectly it does nothing at this point :(

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