YouTube video: Confused Paula Abdul on American Idol Finals

It made headlines in the American entertainment news last week, but I didn't have time to search for it.  Internet access in Sofitel Philippine Plaza was too expensive, about P25 per minute (accdg to Boss D). 

Paula Abdul made a boo-boo on live TV last Wednesday during American Idol.  She was supposed to make comments for Jason's first song but ended up making comments on two songs.  She thought that Jason already sang twice when he hasn't yet.  In the end, she said that she was reading David's critique instead.  Anyway, I saw the video today and I must say, its easy to believe the rumors that she must be on "something" to commit such a blunder.  But the video also shows her frantically switching pieces of paper while Randy was making comments so I guess, her cards did get mixed up.  Watch to see for yourself.  The next two links are for other related videos. 

Paula Abdul's boo-boo:

Paula Abdul's radio interview with Ryan: 

Ryan Seacrest defends Paula: 

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