Wii Fit in the Philippines Available

(september 2008 price updates at the bottom)

Crazy thing, this wii console by nintendo. Among its two other competitors, the XBox by Microsoft and Sony PS3, the Wii had its console's price going back up due to demand.

Its target market is unique, not merely focusing on long time video game aficionados,  but also attracting the younger and elderly members of the family.

Wii now sets its sights as capturing markets for health and fitness home use interactivity with the Wii Fit board.

41.9% of Japanese people hardly ever exercise according to this survey taken earlier this year.   Out of the remaining who said that they do exercise, 22.5% walk or go for strolls, 15.5% do weight training or stretches, 7.7% ski or snowboard, 7.6% do golf, 6.7% go swimming, 6.5% do tennis, 6.0% go jogging, 5.9% do yoga and the remainder do other stuff like karate/kendo etc.

When asked where they exercise, 30% said they do their exercise on the road, 25.3% at home, 18.4% in a court and the remaining replies included "on the roof."

Wii fit to-do activities include yoga, skiing, snowboarding, strength training, aerobics, and more than 40 other activities and exercises.

The batteries are standard AA, and you could replace them with rechargeables.

A bigger-sized Wii Fit balance board may be out in North American stores on 20th May, according to 1UP.com. The highly popular Wii Fit has sold 1 million units in Japan within just a short month since its Japanese official launch.

The Wii Fit sells for around 7,000 pesos at Toy Kingdom, and I haven't seen it around much being sold elsewhere.  It was selling for 5,000 pesos in Shanghai, and SRP was 8,800 yen for Japan (3,600 pesos).  6 to 7000 pesos may be too much for a wii fit board for me. 4,000 pesos? Hmmm. I'll think about it.

*September 2008 price update. This article was written last April.  The wii fit in toy kingdom has now gone up to a whopping 9,000 pesos! Imagine that!??  I just bough mine at V-mall, second floor for 4,800.  It is a japanese version with US game c.d.  There were at least three stores selling this gadget that I canvassed at, with other prices differing at 5,200 or even 5,500.

"Undou shiteimasu ka" [?????????] means "do you exercise?"

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