The Boutique Tagaytay

The Boutique


The boutique is a quaint place in Tagaytay.

While recently visiting the Philippines I happened upon this nice and exciting place.

Having visited almost all the restaurants in Tagaytay through the years it is nice and refreshing to see a unique and exquisite restaurant in Tagaytay

The real reason though that we visited Tagaytay that day was for "Bulalo" a filipino dish  For the Pinoy, a meal is not satisfactory without a pampainit ng sikmura which is soup sipped while very hot. Bulalo is one such favorite soup and the hotter it is the better. It is best complemented by the marrow that is tapped out of the bone, and oh is the bone big. With all the trappings of the succulent marrow in that big bone. To savor it with its delectable flavor one should never let go of living never experiencing it. At a price of 700 pesos per order it is within the price budget of many, and also not that far of from the others along tagatay’s streets.


The ambiance is par excellence and the view of the volcano as i have seen it a million times nary losses its beauty and splendor. They have an excellent viewing deck just outside of the restaurant and you could sit and relax at their Filipino minimized theme furniture a rattan couch and some long wooden chairs to relax your day away.

For the connected individual their wifi access tops it all High speed broadband will not let you skip a beat whether it be watching youtube or finally closing that business deal, or for the finance manila  trader finally seeing that ipit stuck gap up and selling everything out at a profit to really make your day.

All in all the boutique is a place to visit for business pleasure or both and i would mark it 5 stars if i had the authority to do so. I wish you all good trading and good night.



The Boutique Bed and Breakfast

Video tour

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