Summer Getaways – Water Parks and Resorts near Metro Manila

What a hot day!!! How I wish I was lying around in some pool instead of sitting here in my office working.  It’s a slow day today, so here I am, surfing the net for great places to go to.  Only one requirement needed – WATER!!! Lots and lots of it.

Here’s a list of water park websites I found.  These resorts are great for day trips as well as overnights.  (A warning though, the SLEX traffic was horrible last Saturday.  So, its best to plan ahead on which route to take).

Splash Island (Binan, Laguna) –

Island Cove (Kawit, Cavite) –

8 Waves Water Park (San Rafael, Bulacan) –

9 Waves – Ciudad Christa Resort (San Mateo, Rizal) –

Club Manila East ( Taytay) –

Thunderbird Resort (Rizal) –

Amana Waterpark (Pandi, Bulacan) –

If you prefer going to the beach, please go to:

Or other summer ideas:


  1. splatterduck says:

    it’s nice to have a break once in a while and i can’t agree more on taking that break during summer! i was wondering whether there is a new list of resorts near metro manila for 2009 including newly-opened ones?.. this is helpful for those with lots of kids in the family (they don’t fare well with long travel time)and for those who can’t afford to take long vacation leaves because of work demands. nice job on the compilation anyway!

  2. i heard that there’s a WATER PARK (with large pools and slides with tiangge around and resort with entertainers and party events) to open at Boom na Boom, CCP Complex by December, 2009. It was reported to be housed in about 10,000 square meters at the corner of Roxas Boulevard and Buendia.

  3. I don’t know about others but to me when I bring my family anywhere for a getaway or just to chill out, it is not just the amenities of the resort or its price that are important. It is the safety factor. On the recommendation of a good friend who happens to be a frequent tourist from Korea, I visited Clark Freeport and stayed at a really interesting place called Clearwater Resort.

    This is a very large place, a big lake, beach, lots of grass, trees, picnic grounds, a small number of hotel rooms of different styles. This place reminds me of California, not the big cities but the suburban towns.

    This is now my favorite weekend destination. It is clean, easy to get to – just 75 minutes from Manila, all highway not a single town, exit straight into Clark where there is really no traffic to speak of. But one word of advice – obey traffic rules because this is as strict as Calfornia, so take it easy and follow the rules.

    I also found an excellent place to wine and dine. It is in Mimosa and it is called Yats Restaurant & Wine Bar. This is 5-star and the prices are not as expensive as the hotels. You should try it but you have to put on something smart casual at least.

  4. ferdie mendoza says:

    I’m looking for economical resort with lodging within metro manila and neighboring provinces for our church with at least 25 couples.

  5. Michelle Anceta says:

    I am looking for a beautiful place to swim and near metro manila.Cuz it is so hot and my skin is burning like it is turning red when i am under the sun.You know why my skin turns red when i am under the sun?Cuz my skin is so very sensitive cuz i was raised on a cool place with many swimming pool and and in that place even it is sunny you can’t feel the heat of sun beacause of the fog that place is Baguio B.A.G.U.I.O


  7. whitelight_rhea says:

    ms. Michelle anceta ahemm…. would u mind to check out your grammar first before u make arte-arte coz its so mali and so damn kairita.. ok.

  8. annah nazareno says:

    Lolz…2day is one of the hottest day I ever had,and It really feels uncomfortable
    but reading what you says makes me laugh…basta me masabi lang HAHHAHAHA!!!
    sana ,e pix ka…

  9. …igorata pla

  10. igorota din ako, ganyan talaga ang skin kung nsanay ka sa malamig…d2 ako ngayon sa manila, nung first time q dto as in namumula skin ko,,pero nasanay na kaya ngayon d na masyado. SANAYAN LNG YAN. And Michelle,check ur grammar before posting it!

  11. Hi, thank you for including Thunderbird Resorts-Rizal in your list. We’ve changed our website. You may view details about our resort through this link:


  12. rusmil gabayeron says:

    wala b resorts n mganda ang mga slides, mdaming pools at pd mg swimming til dawn??

  13. Anonymous says:

    michelle y dnt u try to go over the sun…

  14. Anonymous says:

    hmmmpppp….. ^^

  15. Anonymous says:

    First Blood…… Rampage…..

  16. lolz….

  17. Anonymous says:

    try n lng over the sun baka di ka masunog kasi ung under the sun toasted eh :))

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