New Alexa Ranking System Change

Everyone’s favorite web statistics whipping boy Alexa has announced a major overhaul of how it compiles traffic figures.

The biggest change is Alexa’s decision to drop exclusive reliance on the Alexa toolbar for traffic data, with Alexa now aggregating data from “multiple sources” to compile its statistics and web rankings. As part of the move, historical data from Alexa is no longer available, with data now only going back 9 months (we presume calculated using the new methodology).

Alexa is given much flak in the web community because of the said unreliability of ranks, since its method of computation depends solely on computers which have the alexa toolbar installed.

A search of tech blogs saw many with significant drops in rank, where as political sites have had big boosts.  Some say this "radical" change in policy is a bid to catch up with ranking companies Compete and Quantcast.

How popular blogs were affected:

  • : Was 2xxx Rank : Now 19818 Rank
  • Problogger : Was 3xxx Rank : Now 12917 Rank
  • JohnChow : Was 5xxx Rank : Now 17088 Rank
  • DigitalPoint : Was 3xx Rank : Now 938 Rank
  • Global Internet Index : Was 66000 Rank : Now 45323 Rank
  • JimKarter : Was 40xxx Rank : Now 187845 Rank
  • AmitBhawani : Was 70000 Rank : Now 54006 Rank
  • Labnol : Was 19000 Rank : Now 14626 Rank

So how do they calculate/compute for the new alexa rank? Nobody knows as of this moment.
  I noticed a lot of Philippine blogs took a hit, including mine.

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