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In the Philippines, the Star Fruit that is called Balimbing has gained negative connotation for describing turncoats.  Like politicians, a star apple has many faces.  

It gives fuel to the old adage, "there are no permanent friends nor enemies in politics".  

Based on recent events, look at it two ways:

ZTE Broadband deal scam-kickback accuser Lozada was once a self-admitted player in the industry.  For one to get privy on such secret deals with secret benefits, one should be known to play ball, take a piece of the cake, and be quiet and hold the honor among thieves.

One can never find a whistle blower who was honest and would not play ball.   There is no such thing.  He would not even be included in the game, or be fired before he even got to his position.  Look at Manong Ed Panlillio. Priest turned Governor of Pampanga has acclaims for doing big steps of purging his area's corruption.  There are now moves against his seat, and a recount is imminent.

Consequently, Lozada's and Father Ed's Turncoatism are good because it achieves a higher purpose.  Lozada chose to spill the beans to expose the allegedly bigger fish, not to save his life, because he allegedly would come to no harm had he kept quiet anyway.  Father Ed chose to turn against the sacred line separating Church and State, and go against Church doctrine by running for local politics.

While both characters seek reform in their own ways,  given the turnout of events, EDSA or street rallies may no longer work.  Even Oppositions' hearts are no longer solidly in on it.  Evidence of splinter:  Trillanes moves on his own late last year, and nobody showed up except for nobodies.  Erap did not go to Last Friday's Makati Rally.  Yet another turncoatism?  Even Lozada did not go.  Even political outcast JDV can't show his face there with pride.  What about Susan "ayaw ko magpagamit" Roces? Where are the presidentiables? And to top it all off, even those that went were not decisively convinced enough to stay the night or two.

Ahh, therein lies the possibility of more balimbing-ism.  Allow the stew to cook for more than a day or two, and they will see that "this rally has legs".  Instead, the oven is turned off before decision makers and regime topplers can say, "why don't we join?" And yet No recent rally has ever reached more than a few hours, water cannon or permits or not. 

Balimbings will only risk their lives and political careers if things look sure to topple the other way! 


  1. ive edited the title to change from star apple to star fruit, in response to many comments on this. there are a lot of references in google as balimbing being also labeled as star apple, but the popular filipino term for star apple is caimito or kaymito

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