BDO – We find ways…. to make your life harder.

During the last two months, BDO Credit Card offered a promo called Premium Treats for all BDO Credit Cards (Gold and Platinum) and Equitable (Mastercard, Visa and American Express) cardholders.  Under this promo, cardholders must collect their charge slips and reach the minimum spending requirement to redeem a freebie item or get 50% off on gadgets purchases.  

I was able to collect P70,000 worth of charge slips which would entitle me to get a free 1 GB USB.  So off I went to BDO on Site branch at The Block.  I went there early at 10:30am.  There was only one teller and there were around five persons ahead of me.  I waited for my turn and when I got there, the teller took my charge slips and other docs and brought it to another girl who was inside the office.  After 10 minutes, this girl came out and told me that my request cannot be processed since I had included an internet transaction.  And that I will need to get a certificate from their call center.  The internet transaction was for an online hotel booking and I just printed the voucher/receipt.  Understandably, they might not trust any self-printed material, so I also submitted the statement of account that showed the said transaction.

To my surprise, the girl told me that the statement was unacceptable.  I would still need to get a certificate from their call center!!!  I guess when they say "WE FIND WAYS", they really do find ways to make it inconvenient for you to get something for free.  I was fuming mad, I pointed out to the girl that the promo mechanics did not state that such a procedure should be done for internet transactions.  But she said she could not do anything since that was their policy.  I told her that they should have included that in the mechanics, so that people will not waste time, gasoline and parking fee just for a technicality.

Then around noon today, I called the call center and requested for my certificate.  After verifying my personal and the transaction details and after putting me on hold TWICE!!!, the call center agent told me that it will take 3-5 banking days to get the certificate approved!!! WHATTHE*&^%!!!  Their system already showed such a transaction existed so why should I still wait for an approval???  Our car loan took only ONE DAY to approve.  By DAY 3, we were driving the car home.  

And they were voted as BEST BANK IN THE PHILIPPINES for 2007???

This was not the first inconvenient incident that happened to me while doing business with this bank.   A branch near my office opened last year and I opened a saving accounts with them.  Sometime this year, I had a customer who paid me a check.  So I had to encash the check at my branch.  After WAITING WHILE STANDING for 30 minutes, it was finally my turn.  I gave the teller my driver's license and the check payable to cash for P2000.  Lo and behold, the teller asked to see the OR of my driver's license!!!  I've been doing business with more than ten banks for more than ten years and this was the first time I had to show the OR of my driver's license.  Even the cops don't ask for that.  SHEEESSHHH… THEY REALLY DO FIND WAYS…. TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HARDER.  I am even a depositor at their branch and yet she asked for that?!?  I gladly closed my account.

P.S. As of Wednesday afternoon (two days after my request), I received the certificate thru fax and was finally able to redeem my free 1gb USB. 


  1. arionyoshi says:

    Grabe talaga! This also happened to me! The good thing was I called up BDO On Site before I decided to go (Knowing how BDO works, I had to make sure I got everything I needed). Since I made purchases when I went to Singapore, I inquired how they will convert my foreign purchases into peso (I was thinking that showing the statement of account will suffice). The teller said I need to get a certification from the call center. I said, don’t you have the records on your machine? What a weird policy! So, the same story goes, I call up the call center and I was advised to wait 5 banking days before I get the certification, and another 3 banking days before they can fax the document (or if I want, 2 WEEKS! before I can receive the mailed certification). Grabe, they really FIND WAYS to make it so inconvenient to their customers!

  2. you’re right. i should have called the call center before going. Three days to fax? They didn’t tell me that!!! I can’t believe they have the gall to tell you it’ll take three days to fax. The whole bank must be sharing one fax machine only and the waiting line at their fax department is sooooo loooooooonnnnngggggggggg.

  3. which BDO branch was this? is it possible to get details of your transaction so that appropriate action could be done to avoid future incidents such as this..

  4. plr… sm hypermart val.

  5. hi. just to clarify, your previous branch of acct (where you closed your account before ) was SM Hypermart Val.? Could you email to me the details of your account before and when this was closed? thanks..

  6. does plr work for bdo? how to email plr if no email provided

  7. yes i do… and sorry, i forgot to provide my email ad.. its tnx

  8. I am a foreigner and have a housing loan with BDO, in the past 2 months I have found myself in financial difficulties, last month I only paid a bit under half the monthly due amount then paid the remaining 2 weeks later, I have since been told that I cannot pay a part payment, I have to pay the full monthly instalment, ( I was told there system can’t except part payments) so if you are even p50 short of your monthly payment BDO will charge you interest / fees on the full monthly payment due, I was charged p1,200 for the 2 weeks that I was not able to pay the full amount, is this extortion on a full scale? I think yes!
    I can now understand when a Pilipino gets in a hole (financial trouble) no body lets them get out, they immediately get pushed back in the hole when trying to get out, even to a point where the bank stands on your head.
    In my country the interest rate charged by the banks is 6.7% the interest rate here by the banks seems to be around 10.25% – 12% Here there is interest on interest, it’s up to you to as philipino’s to complain to the banks , back home we don’t let the banks get away with this type of behaviour , we protest immensely to the banks, the media loves such stories current affair TV shows love this.
    Bdo is offering a promo of 6% but wait for it, it is only locked in for 12 months so look out guy’s

  9. I am still disappointed to this BDO Branch in Cebu even though they politely rejected my withdrawal transaction. I’ve done transactions with them since year 2010 in behalf of the family corporation. All of my transactions were accepted. But recently they rejected my withdrawal transaction because of their policy that a representative of the corporation cannot withdraw monies not unless there’s a secretary certificate authorizing him/her to do such transaction. Aside from that, there was an Audit in this branch during that time. Thus, their leniency was totally out of the picture. They said we were informed already. I can’t even recall it. I wasn’t sure if they really informed us beforehand. We haven’t receive formal a written notice. With or without an Auditor in the branch, they must be strict in implementing the policy before the clients may have the misconception that they (clients) are abiding the policies in making transactions with this bank.

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