Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows released today

As early as 7 a.m. today (July 21,2007 Manila/Philippine Time), bookstores like National Bookstore and Fully Booked opened their doors to allow Harry Potter fans to buy the latest and last(?) book of J.K. Rowling's phenomenal series. 
Fully Booked even called me up last night to tell me about their opening time.  What great customer service.  Their personnel are always willing and able to help me find the books I want.  I'm looking forward to visiting their new branch at Fort Bonifacio (Bonifacio High St. near Serendra.)
As of now, somebody somewhere may have already finished the book!!! I haven't picked up mine yet.  I am taking short naps this afternoon so that when I get to pick the book up tonight at Fully Booked, I can read and finish it in one sitting.Smile


  1. hurricane says:

    Madam, do you know whether he died or not? I won’t watch Harry Potter anymore if he dies in the end. It is supposed to be children’s movie. Main character shouldn’t die or it will be a sad ending…=)

    I still wonder where JK knows a lot about witchcrafts.

  2. madame is still reading from the start. I don’t like books, I never read the other Harry Potta books, but i read the last two chapters of this one as we were having dinner last night at the mall.

    Serious spoilers here: Died in chapter 1 was that Fake Eye Guy, died somewhere in the middle was Dumbledore, in a staged death to make it appear like Snape killed him in the service of Voldemort. Died shortly after that was Snape himself. Voldie later on discovers that Snape was never his minion, but rather spying for Dumbledore. Harry fakes death and returns just in time to kill Voldie with the Super Wand that used to belong to Dumbledore. Still alive and making the last stand with H.P. were mom of Ron, Ron and Hermione, Luna, the nerdy eyeglass friend whose parents were killed (Neville, I think), the li’l sister of Ron was also there. Cowering in a corner after the battle were the Malfoys, again treated with insignificance. Revealed also that Snape had the hots for H.p.’s mom., and that Voldie’s real name was Tom Riddle.

    19 years later, H.P. marries the younger sister of Ron and they had kids. His chinese looking flame in the last movie was probably busy making noodles after her betrayal.

  3. hurricane says:

    That’s a terrific ending! Gonna watch it but won’t read the book yet. Get disappointed watching when already have read the book. Novel-based movies really lack lots of details.

  4. corrections here… dumbledore died in book 6. tom riddle being the real name of voldemort was revealed in book 3 or 4. the movie showing now is only book 5. i never liked the movie versions of harry potter, except for the 1st one. i think they should seriously consider changing directors to do book 6 and 7. The movie versions of novel-based books like Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia were really great movies.

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