Wyeth recalls Bonna, Bonamil, Bonakid, Promil, Promil Gold, Progress Gold and Promil Kid

Due to the Bureau of Food and Drug's (BFAD) directive, Wyeth Philippines, Inc makes a recall for its formula which may have been exposed to moisture from May 23,2006 to July 26,2006.  The recall results from rust and/or mold found on some of the milk containers.  It said in its public announcement that…

"If you have any of the following Wyeth formula: Bonna, Bonamil, Bonakid, Promil, Promil Gold, Progress Gold and Promil Kid carrying one of the lot numbers listed herein, please return it to an authorized Wyeth distributor or retailer for replacement.  You may also call the Wyeth Careline at 81-WYETH (8199384) or the toll free number 1-800-10-8842222 for immediate assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

I can't include the complete listing of the lot numbers here but you can find them in Manila Bulletin (June 26, 2007 edition).  One other way is to check the manufacturing date at the bottom of the can if it was manufactured between May 2006 to July 2006. 

Last year, my daughter used to drink Progress Gold but due to frequent stomach ailments, I had her shift to Anchor 3+ instead.  But I don't remember anything unusual with the cans or the formula inside.  Why are they doing the recall just now?  Most cans must have been consumed by now.


  1. Dhadah Raymundo says:


  2. alma b. depalas says:

    promil is good for bby… the bbbest milk

  3. there’s nothing wrong with bonamil, its less cheaper than any other milk

  4. my baby used to drink s26 nd shift to bonamil, ok pa rin

  5. pwede po bng mging commercial ng bonakid pre school ang anak ko? plssss.. my baby is using bonna bonamil bonakid now bonakid pre school… laking bonakid ang anak ko..

  6. rosana gamueda says:

    hi im rosana gamueda nung june 01, 2012 my tumawag po sakin from wyeth daw po .. pero nde ako ang nakausap yung husband ko po .. nabobother po ako baka po kasi nanalo ako or baka my need kayo sakin information sana po tawagan nyo po ako ulit .. saka kung naghahanap po kayo ng pwedeng pang commercial na healthy baby pde po yung baby ko she’s now 6months and 3 weeks and 2 days .. pde po nyong icheck ang facebook account ko .. and she’s bonnamil user po .. pde din akong magsend ng pics nya .. thank you po ..

  7. karen may says:

    hi!pwde nyo rin kunin ung baby ko for commercial?..she’s 1month and 1week na po cya…she;s so cute,taba pisnge..and beautiful

  8. hazeldecapia says:

    my baby is so adorable, he is a bonamil turns to bonakid user, u can check my fb account to see my profile pic… heizhel corpuz decapia… =)

  9. I am interested in including wyeth products for my distribution..how can i contact wyeth people

  10. Jacquelyn Hamisain Ambutong says:

    goodday po,aq po s jacquelyn from zamboanga city.my tumawag po sa kin from wyeth at kumuha po sa info ko at ng anak qu na bonna user.from bonna,bonnamil at ngaun bonnakid na po,she is divine heart at 1year 5months n sa ngaun.ask qu lang po kung anu po va talaga ito?nanalo po va ang anak ko o anu po va to?sinabi rin po ng tumawag sa kin na my pinadala sila n sample product last month pa pero sad to say wala po dumating sa address namin.bother lng po talaga aq kung anu po to,sister qu po kc ung bumili ng gatas at sabi nya na nagdrop po sya ng raffle para ky divine heart.i hope po ma reach nyo po aq tru my facebook account,thank you.

  11. gud day po, ako po si farhadiva ancheta ng zamboanga city, me tumawag po sa akin kanina from wyeth,nag update na naman ng info ko actually twice na po akong natawagan, ung una venirify nla kung correct ang mga info na sinulat ko sa coupon, nakaka-bother talaga kanina nagtatanong kung me nareceive po akong package last month pa dw un pnadala, meron po ba talaga kayong pinapadala kc wala naman po akong nareceive., bonamil at bonakid user ang dalawang anak ko at very healthy po silang dalawa…sana po masagot nyo ito kahit sa email add ko na lang para mawala ang doubt…

  12. marivic callangan says:

    hi i’m marivic callangan fr cagayan valley., my daugther is using wyeth products since birth., fr bonna to bonakid.. now shes already 3yrs.old and i found out shes so energetic and active child.. at the age of 2 she can recognize numbers and the letters of the alphabet.,more powers to Wyeth company.. you can see my daugthers photo at her facebook account sofia_marie@yahoo.com


  14. IESLIE siguro wala sa gatas yan baka sa may nakain yan or maybe when you are pregnant may mga bawal na dapat kainin. Pa doctor mo muna ung bata pa check mo baka nga sa gatas lang talaga yan.

  15. Ask ku lang sana e anu ba mas hiyang ang bb nyu.nuon kasi similac cya hangang sa sinusuka na nya kaya nag breastfeed aku at nang gusto ku
    na sanang mag bottle feed ayaw nya nang uminun ni try kuna ang ace26,enfamil,similac pero ayw talga uminum.8months na cya ngayun.

  16. hi po please do help me with ur advice on my problem my baby s milk po is s26 gold since birth until now that hes already 5 months my problem is i suddenly have a badget problem for my babys milk today and i dont have enough budget to buy s26 gold for now is it ok if i switch to other wyeth brand milk na more cheaper po ang price for this moment? wat wyeth milk guys do u recommend for my baby? wala nmn po bng side effects pag nag palit ako ng milk nya mejo worry po kc ako.. =(

  17. maybe i should try nlng the promil if its suitable for my baby ? anyway po if u need a baby for commercial for s26 or any whyeth milk brand pwede po ang baby ko at s26 gold user po xa since birth napaka healthy nya po at smiling face at adorable charming baby boy hehehe hes half korean po if ur interested to check hes pics u can check po in my facebook account hehehe thank u.. =)

  18. my son is 5months old and he use bonna sbi nla hiyang dw ang kulit ko kasi althou d xa mataba pero mabigat siksik dw at kaht lhat kmi me cpun na xa ayun wala dedma lng s virus nmng cpun at ubo. healthy dw xa sb ng pedia nya… kya i trust only bonna milk 4 my son mura na puno pa ng sustansya.

  19. Anonymous says:

    my bb din po hiyang sa bonna, mataba and hindi nahahwa agad ng sakit kahit may sipon at ubo kami ng papa niya xa dedma din sa virus=:)

  20. melissa piller says:

    my baby is turning 6months and her milk is bona i want to change to promil gold pero sabi nila nakaka constipate daw.

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Seeking for advice..i have a 10th month old baby—am planning to change her milk(looking for something not expensive)— she is using promil right now…
    Anyone who can give me suggestions i will appreciate it…thanks!!!

  23. Anonymous says:

    you can switch to bonamil

  24. edmarie pepito says:

    you can switch her milk to bonamil

  25. Ang baby q bonamil ask q lang if normal lang n 3 times a day sya ng popops thankie

  26. jenna l dahang says:

    comment q lang.lahat ba nang bonna ninyo ay palage nyong sini check .kasi bonna milk q xa bby q.peru nuon august 4 2013 ang laman ng loob ay parang exp.peru ang exp date octbr pa…sa susund e check nyo mabti…nkaka dscourage kayo.

  27. Gina de Guzman says:

    good day, i wanna ask if puede s baby qoh ang bona.. nagkaron kc xah ng amoeba pero ngaun free n xah s amoeba kya lang may diarrhea p rin xah.. enfalac lactose free gmit nia now before he was using nan, we dont know how to cure his diarrhea,we consult in his pedia about 3 times na but it didnt help my son,so im thinking to use bona, someone tell me to try bona , he was now 4mos. old. Need an answer,Suggestion is appriciated thank you

  28. My bb is now 7 yr old now. . Im planning to switch his milk from nan pro 2 to bonamil.. But im worried for my babies health bcoz of a lot of sugar found in this milk formula bka bumilog nga bb q mging sakitin nmn. Although gsto q prin siya itry wish q lng mahiyang kay bb … Supeer lakas na kc dumede ng bby boy q. . 1.3 kg of nan pro 2 d umaabot ng isang linggo my god! . Tpos 1065 pa unlike cguro sa bonna 1065 two box na mbibili q .. Laking tipid cguro. ..

  29. Pia Estacio says:

    My baby uses aquiva since it was recommended by her pedia, My problem is she doesnt have a firm stool. she’s 1 year and 5 months. I used Enfalac a+ to enfagrow a+ when she turns one, Nevertheless she had a milk fatigue, so I switch to Progress Gold. my problem was, She losses her appetite for meals. even her fave foods wont do. so I switch to aquiva, Then now at Promil kid. she had a firm stool. plus its quite cheaper that her previous milk. For those mom who plans on switching their childs milk. PLEASE COMPARE THE NUTRITIONAL FACTS. I even plan using Bonakid for my daughter because it was really cheaper. But if your are to compare their nutritional status, There was a HUGE difference on contents. anyways. Its your choice, But I suggest just like what my pedia always say, If you had used a certain milk for a short period of time, It wont take effect on your baby’s brain development. Anyways our kids health is more important than anything else

    Hi Gina de Guzman!
    just like what I’ve said awhile ago, compare the nutritional status, lactose free milks are intended for those baby who are lactose intolerant, meaning they had an allergic reaction on cow’s milk, Nevertheless, On my case I used enfalac a+ they wont really had a firm stool. You must try progress gold. based on my experience my daughter had a firm stool and she do it on a regular basis, which is quite good. I hope this helps you. :)

  30. hi ask ko lang ano po maganda promil preschool or progress preschool gold kasi ung anak ko na 4yrs old. nanawa sa lasa ng bonakid prescool kaai since birth bonna tpos bonamil then bonakidtpos bonakid preschool ano po maganda .. sa dalawa ..mganda po tlfa ang wyeth product

  31. Pwede ba magask mga mommy. New mom kasi ako. Baby ko kasi e 4mos na. Breastfeed siya sakin since birth and i will start to give him formula milk because of my work.. Ano kaya magandang milk for my baby? ????

  32. hi, my son named Jacob was using S26 GOLD from 0-6 months, he is using promil gold. u can check him through my facebook account to see how healthy he is with this formula. for the first 2 days he experienced unusual bowel movement. so far, he gain weight again. super hiyang po talaga siya & i find it that promil gold is full of nutrients. bihira talaga siyang magkasakit. he is now 6 moths running 7 months this coming august 15. the 900 grams promil gold is 6 days lang sa kanya. according to his pedia, no need para ipag-diet ko siya. last week he is 9.4 kilos.

  33. Hello Mommies. Im a mother of 1 yr, old girl. And Here is my advice.
    Since i gave birth 2 weeks lang po ako ng breastfeed kasi kokonti and milk ko. Then we started using S26 Gold since inaayawan nya ang S26 Pink. So far super hiyang sya sa S26 Gold for 6 months. Then Promil from 6months to 1 year old. She’s now 1 year and 1 month and using Promil Kid. You know whats the effect of continuously using the best milk? Shes Bibbo, hindi sakitin, strong bones and Smart Kid. Who will believe that she already knows most of the nursery rhymes? She can sing TWINKLE LITTLE STAR at 1 yr. old in Lalalala version since she cannot pronouns the words yet. :D.. You can Check Her FB..
    Proud Mommy :)

  34. nethalyn jubahib says:

    Hi po..my baby boy is 1 year n 1 month..pwd po ba xa isale sa commercial.. he is using bonna bonamil unti bonakid..he is a bright,cute and can easily catch up what u teach.he is smiling and jolly..look my facebook ennn osio aparre

  35. ghen de vela says:

    goodmorning po! ask ko lng po qng sino me alam qng magkano ung bonna 0-6 month old na 1.2kg?thnx po

  36. 576 po s mercury :)

  37. Hi, My baby is 1yr & 3mos. old. He is drinking Bonakid Milk. His attention to details is very keen and his memory is good but his weight is very alarming he almost got 9kls. I hope its due to his sickness earlier this September. That’s why I wanna ask if, do I need to change his milk and choose another brand? Cause, I already tried Lactum and it makes my baby more active, it makes him naughty instead. Then I’ve decided to bring him back to Bonakid and now I wanna know if his weight loss is usual?. Thanks

  38. hi po im sherly my baby po ako 7 months ang gatas nya bonna normal lang pu ba talaga na sobrang tigas ng poh poh nya tama naman ang takal ng gatas at tubig pag nagtitimpla ako…. nag aalala ako baka nakakasama na sa baby ko yung ganun pag tumatae sya

  39. Hello po I’m new mom po sabi po kasi nila ang bonna is tabang ampaw daw po totoo po kaya yun healthy po ba ang bonna kesa po sa lactum 0-6 pls reafly i need some attention.


  41. ms.grace ano account name nyo sa fb?

  42. Pwedi na po b sa baby ko ang bonakid preschool kaka 3 Nya Lang po Ning October.

  43. June 2007: akong bata na inom ug bonnamil the manufacturing date is MFGD 25 MAY 2006 EXP 24 MAY 2008 na rust and mold, no sickness

  44. Bonna po unang gatas ng baby ko pinalitan ko po ng Nestogen dahil 2-3days po bago sya makaumi. Balak ko po ulit ibalik sa Bonna dahil po wala pa ring pagbabago sa katawan nya, hindi po tumataba. 3months na po baby ko. Normal lang po ba yung 2-3days bago makadumi kapag sa Bonna po?

  45. My bb s26 since birth and now she Is 9mos.im still thinking what Milk ang ipapalit ko,my friend till me gain plus kc maganda dw..how about promil give suggestion her..

  46. Anonymous says:

    hello po pwede nyo din po ba kunin ninyo ang anak sa commercial ng bonnakid cute sweet and very smart kid.thank you

  47. Anonymous says:

    Hi im also certified whyeth user, from S-26 Gold to Promil Gold and now Progress Gold my baby is 19months turning 20 months. Hope maka discount kami or any freebies sana. She is petite i think thats the effect of that product and she is a talented when she’s on her 6 months she followed me singing and dancing and alot more. And on here 10months nauutosan ko na cya. And hopefully makuha din baby ko as commercial model.
    baby FB account Zoe Mikiella thank you

  48. Anonymous says:

    hellow po , when my babys turn to 1month her milk is s26 then after that nawalan ng budget i switch to bonna milk and yun nagustuhan nmn ng baby ko den after nun 6months to 8months promil milk nya dhil nagkron ng budget kya nag promil kmi den nung nawalan nanamn nag switch ako ng lactum 6-12 months mejo ayaw ni baby 8mos na sya pero 4oz lng nauubos nya minsn dpa ubos ang 4oz may sobra pa pero mayat maya nmn nadede sya den ayun feeling ko d nya tlga gusto ng milk na yun nagswitch nko sa bonnamil at tuloy tuloy na yun . ask ko lng if tataba pba sya or makakarecover pba katawan nya if bonnamil na ang iinumin nya ??? mejo pumayat ksi c baby nung nagswitch ako ng lactum

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