Gretchen Barreto’s Latest Statement on picture with John Estrada

After waiting for sooooooooooo long and after all the teasers during yesterday's The Buzz, all they had to show at the end was an issued statement from Gretchen Barreto, which was read by Boy Abunda. 

Her statement reads: 

Allow me to step back even further to observe. It is helpful for me to experience the pain and joy in solitude. It is in this kind of solitude that I consider that there is something in life more powerful than we.  While doing so can be difficult, but I dare. I have gone in one in a state of humility and surrender and I ask the public please pardon my ways. The only way out of this unchained is through it.  I certainly am grieving my mistake. I have recognized that there is a God who has allowed me to experience unconditional love through Tony. The kind of love that embraces me while I weep.

This statement hopes to end all the controversies surrounding this issue.  But two questions remain… One, What is the true nature of her relationship with John Estrada.  And two, who really wrote this statement?

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