Globelines, PLDT and Bayantel’s Landline +DSL

Have you seen the print ads from Globelines lately?  They have promo that offers landline bundled with broadband internet connection (with speed up to 384kbps) for just P995 net.  It is actually a great package.  So I called to inquire and maybe apply.  The catch? Its available in selected areas only.  The customer service rep gave these areas of coverage: Marikina, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Makati and San Juan.  I asked her if they have in Quezon City since I saw their booth in the park “tiangge” two weeks ago.  And she said no.  Duh? Why are they actively advertising in nationwide newspapers when their infrastructure is not yet ready?  By the way, their website was no help either.

So now I moved on to call PLDT for their NXGN Xtra Value Plan 888.  For P888 net, you’ll get the landline + myDSL (88kbps) + Free PLDT to PLDT NDD calls for one year + Free Modem + Free Installation.  They also have a variation of this offer, which gives you 384kbps for only P990 net.  The catch?  Again, it is available only to those lines that are NXGN.  Fortunately, our line in Quezon City is already NXGN, but our office line is not yet.  Another catch is the tie up period of 2 years.  Pre-termination of the line will be charged P990x3, plus P1,200 for the cost of the modem.  The funny thing with this PLDT promo is that they are also actively campaigning with their print ads, only to know that not all areas fall under NXGN.

For Bayantel, they have 384kbps DSL for P899 net.  If you don’t have an existing Bayantel line, you have to pay for the installation fee of P1899, which includes the the landline and the modem already.  Monthly fee for the landline is P300 net.  So, total monthly bill is almost P1,200.  Lock up period for the DSL is one year.

Given these choices, I think I will apply for the PLDT P990 promo.  It’s the cheapest in the sense that our landline bill is already ranging from P600 to P750 per month.  So just for a couple of hundred more, you get DSL as well.      


  1. Hi, The reason why there are no Globelines in Quezon City is that the area is not part of the service area covered by Globe. During the mid 1990s, to break the monopoly of the PLDT in the telecom industry and to increase the telephone density in the Phil. the government passed the law on the telecom deregulation. Globe will only provide telephone service in what the customer rep mentioned to you. Quezon City is the responsibility of Bayantel. Other telecom carriers are PT&T, ETPI, Islacom (which was later acquired by Globe), and Digitel.

  2. GlobeQuest? Geez!! Just try calling their helpline 171/173. Its always busy, and if by a miracle you get the answering machine, you get to fall asleep waiting for the CSR to answer your call! Our phone line and modem got busted by lightning so we didnt have DSL service for 2 weeks. We requested a refund ( we have the trader account and its P2,000 a month). Globe wouldnt give us a refund because… we didnt file a complaint through 171/173…. hay naku.. hmmm

  3. correction. EEE and I were witness that Globelines, indeed, laid their cables in Q.C. Back in Nov 2006, and that they were already soliciting for customers in this area. Yet somehow, they haven’t coordinated the availability with their csreprs

  4. kevins, having heard that, so what else is new. its the same case with pldt. and when trouble strikes, you also cant reach the bayantel hotline. Bayantel also won’t give you a refund if you don’t log the trouble by the book. It’s SOP, hence, these things are subject for scrutinized audit so they have to play by the book.

  5. dragon/EEE, sorry my error. You are both right, Globelines is now nationwide as of last year. I just got a confirmation from a friend in Globelines who is in the top engineering management. I missed that news about Globelines being nationwide. I have been away from our country too long. Incidentally I was part of the outside plant engineering group (AT&T, then to Lucent Tech. then to Bechtel Telecom) who did the initial cable distribution plans for the Globelines. I was also assigned in Cebu to do the fundamental plans for the Islacom telecom roll-out. From what I remember then the gov’t. distributed the service areas to different telecom companies. No telecom company is allowed to encroach in each respective area. The gov’t. changed that rule I assume. Don’t be surprised if you see 3 or more concrete poles in some street corners installed on that same spot. One pole for each telecom company. My apologies again.

  6. no problem sir. your pole and cable scenario may not be true also, as I understand these cable (t.v. telco internet) companies rent the cable position in meralco posts. or something to that effect. Imagine the old meralco posts, carrying 1.pldt 2.meralco lines 3.bayantel 4.globe 5.skyt.v. 6.destiny t.v. 7.home cable whatever. This heavy strain on termite infested old wooden posts caused massive road blockages here when super typhoon Milenyo struck late last year. These were soon replaced with concrete posts.

  7. dragon, cable or telecom companies have this what is called joint pole agreement (jpa) wherein the cable companies pay meralco 100 plus pesos (not sure of the current price) per pole per year for the right to attach its cable to the meralco pole. There are instances that the cable company will need to put a new pole beside an existing meralco pole due to some technical requirements i.e. riser cables.

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