My Impossible Dream

Yesterday I told hubby/finance/tech guru that I finally realized what my lifelong dream is.  My dream is… to be able to retire from work and just let my spouse support me.  I would like to be able to just stay home and have all the free time in the world.  Wheeee!!!! You know what hubby told me? He said… "That's my dream too!!!!"  Buwissssiiittt!!!! 😛


  1. why do i feel like i have to delete your blog entry? :) its nice to have work for both of the couples so: a) so we can both contribute to our family and not just the male slaving his ass off b) so we dont get into each other’s nerves if we bum around the house all day.

  2. i dont know, maybe you should try it, ask permission to your hubby, if you are wrong in your realization i would give you at most 6 months to be at home all day not doing anything, and death by boredom might come in your way, im close to it.. if it didnt come, them maybe, thats your calling.. sit all day watching tv at home.. :)

  3. phisixninja says:

    to be dependent on your husband for support would make you a virtual prisoner … many wives realised it too late after they gave up their own careers … especially if their husbands leave them for other women or worse .. the husbands wont leave them .. and still have other women

  4. yahoooooooo. i love p6ninja, i hate rex. Not that I plan on having another woman (or man!). p6ninja, forgive the automated screening, first time posters here in the blog section are autoscreened and await my approval before they can post again (anti-spamming)

  5. bwahaha, don’t quit your job! phisixninja said it already! your hubby is preparing for you to be ready! bwahaha

  6. hey, hey, I’m outnumbered!!!! I just want to have some time to learn belly dancing… or scuba diving… or lose enough pounds to fit into my pre-child bearing clothes.

  7. sira ba itong blog? i mean, i cant make a new post, no button or link sa dashboard to create a new one

  8. phisixninja says:

    oks bos d … tnx … lab u 2 … mwah …

  9. phisixninja says:

    hi eee … you could learn belly dancing, scuba diving or have a figure like alessandra ambrosio and still be earning your own money di ba? your solution to your present concern is quite drastic and life altering … i have the sad experience of 4 women i know to back me up …

  10. who’s alessandra ambrosio?

  11. ikaw lang sira boss rex. fix your damn IE

  12. funny

  13. phisixninja says:

    she started with guess and is a victoria secret model … also brazilian like giselle bundchen and adriana lima ..

  14. phisixninja says:

    bos d. paano ba mag edit or mag-delete dito sa comments? i-delete ko sana yung una sa double posting ko sa taas e … tnx

  15. eee, you can do all of the above, belly dancing, scuba diving, trading, even eat lunch and more dito sa province. just started to move back to Bacolod last year and am loving it. Everything is 15 mins. away, fresh air, fresh seafood, good quality of life, and cost of living is amazingly less expensive. One downside, it could get boring sometimes, that’s why I fly to Manila to get my fix of the fast life once a month. Instead of spending time in traffic, you get to spend it with your kids!

  16. fixed, boss p6n

  17. haha, eee thought ambrosio was someone she knew well. i’m brosio!

  18. do you know toby j. form bacolod

  19. Hi sir may i know his last name? Jison, Jalandoni?

  20. phisixninja says:

    hehehe bos d.

  21. phisixninja says:

    tnx bos d.

  22. phisixninja says:

    that’s what my older cousin also told me … he spent last christmas there in bacolod with his son and family who is now based there … i plan to visit bacolod one of these days …

  23. phisixninja says:

    hi eee … on hindsight … my first reply assumes the worst case scenario (did not know where you were coming from … my apologies to you and your hubby). however, i would still say that financial independence is an objective that a wife should consider seriously … marriage is a partnership, isn’t it? it’s better to walk on two legs .. than just one …

  24. jison. galing mo ah

  25. mag EB na lang dito!!!!! Third sunday of october is Masskara Festival! If ever you guys get to swing by just holler!
    Anyway, Sir Dragon, don’t know him personally but sounds familiar I could locate him. I’m very close to some members of that family.

    The most ideal set up really is to trade from here but earn your Manila/Expat income and spend here. Cost of living moneywise and timewise is so different.
    The best thing I like about this place is that you can still transact business and not have to wear a dress shirt and tie. It’s pretty laid back.

  26. phisixninja says:

    hi done melhins … done that in kalibo, aklan but nightlife in kalibo is pretty limited. nightlife in boracay better but then cost of living also rises … seems bacolod is worth a look … hmmmm.

  27. phisixninja says:

    ooopss… sori .. clicked sent button hastily without editing …

  28. relocate to province!! I actually envy my sister and her husband, they love in palawan, own a restaurant and live at the same compound at the back and upstairs the reso carinderia type, she sleeps till late in the morning, than see if everything is okay, then attend to her childerns need, then her husband checks out the customers, and the waiters, then go play basketnall at their basketball court in the afternoon or night, then on other days they go to guym together which is about 2 min drive from home, heck they can even walk nalang its only 5 mins, but they still drive to the gym, they’re even regulars at badminton tournaments, go to the mall, small mall lang, shop, dine, then go back home to check the customers and waiters and sales, then count the money, watch DVD, they have bunch of DVDS by the way, i cant even count, probably enough to open a DVD rental shop, then sleep, thats all they do with their life, yet they look satisfied, unlike my mother who;s not even earning more money, why? it’s because she has to be in the store all day long to make bantay.. aint that mind racking job? you get no life doing that, waiting for customers and worrying your helpers will steal from you!.. sis life in palawan is waaaayy better.. simple but satisfied and contented, you see, they even keeps on shopping, whenever they visit here in manila, all they do is shop lke crazy, buy a flat screen tv, buy dvds in quiapo , buy this buy that.. see? you can do that too, but maybe not in manila

  29. cant i edit my reply? they live, not love

  30. you can no longer edit your own replies since you are no longer a mod in the blog section. my contributors were mods when this blog started. and you saw that you and the other mods, if you were allowed as administrators, may cross-post using each other’s names, thats why you asked me to remove it……….. remember?

  31. usually, if youre still unhappy and clueless about what to do with your life at this point, life may steer you to that point of satisfaction. or you will wake up one day trying to just find that “this is as good as it gets” for you and accept it. unless you know exactly what it is you want to do and do it.

    watch also THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS (thats how the movie title was spelled), its about you, a guy pursuing happiness. Starring that Will Smith guy, who is training to be a stockbroker in this movie

  32. tradingbless says:

    ang saya saya ng post na to!!

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