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Manila isn't such a bad place. Although my imagebank is a little biased to our financial centers such as Makati and Ortigas, there's more to our motley city than rusty yeros and SMs. However, I do suggest one grow beyond cosmetic comparisons… or probably mature out of comparisons altogether. The problems of our beloved country are more than just what meets the eye…

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  1. krokodele says:

    Me myself has been to many cities here and there.. so lovely and nice.. but only one city shall forever qualify as ‘MY CITY’ and that is Manila.. my view I take not from the TOP nor from BELOW.. but simply from deep inside the HEART!

  2. MTM, yes, Manila isn’t such a bad place. I used to think so too, but after living overseas for a couple of years, I realized it could be better. While the habit of comparing isn’t ideal, it is certainly not immature. Everyday, countries are ranked, currencies are pegged…stock movements are charted. It does help to compare (cosmetically or otherwise), I think, as long as the feedbacks are not taken personally. I believe it is when one realizes that things could be better that he starts wanting to effect change. Sad to say, mine was to try my luck in another country, but I do applaud those who choose to stay behind and try to make things…simply better.

  3. Of course evonne, nothing personal. And definitely things could be better. We could have more trains for one thing (esp. after seeing HK and Sing’s MTR/MRT).

    Meanwhile, we seem to be one of those countries that time forgot… best thing is for people like you who have gone elsewhere to come back eventually with money and ideas to help improve stuff back home.

    Those who stay aren’t heroes either… but those who have dreams should pursue them… help others when they have the means.

    On the bright side… not developing as fast also means we don’t get hit by the downsides of fast development either. We were the least affected by the Asian crisis for instance, and we don’t have bird flu, or SARS, and we have (believe it or not) the one lowest reported cases of HIV in the world.

    Glass is always half-full or half-empty.

  4. marketforce says:

    Pilipinas really sucks. You would have to be a travelling person to appreciate how far dating country laggards like China Thailand Vietnam Malaysia have become as compared to perennial corrupt Pilipinas.

    Look at Jim Paredes of the Apo, too stressful daw to be always fighting for your country because you get frustrated after 25 years of nothing.

    You cannot compare two countries with one glass only.

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